What Jaishankar said on Pakistan economic crisis: No country will ever want its neighbor to face an economic crisis
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Recently, India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar made a statement on Pakistan’s economic crisis. A severe economic crisis in any country, least of all a neighboring country, is not in anyone’s interest, according to Jaishankar.

As Pakistan faces a severe economic crisis, it is important to look at what Jaishankar said about the situation and how it will affect the region.

In this blog post, we will discuss what Jaishankar said on Pakistan economic crisis and why no country would ever want its neighbor to face an economic crisis.

jaishankar’s comments on Pakistan’s economic crisis

Recently, Indian Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar made a statement on Pakistan’s economic crisis, saying “It is in nobody’s interest if any country, least of all a neighboring country gets into severe economic crisis”.

The comment came after Pakistan faced a major economic crisis due to the rising inflation rate and increasing debt burden. The country is going through a deep financial crunch and has recently taken a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Jaishankar said that it is important for Pakistan to fix its economic issues to become a prosperous power. He pointed out that terrorism remains one of the basic industries of Pakistan, which must be eliminated for it to have any chance of becoming an economically successful country.

India has offered to help Pakistan in resolving its economic crisis by providing it access to financial and other resources. India has even gone as far as to offer Pakistan the chance to use India’s vast markets and infrastructure to revive its economy.

However, the response from Pakistan has been largely negative, with its leaders instead preferring to blame India for the crisis.

India has also increased its engagement with the international community to help address the crisis in Pakistan. This includes engaging with both the IMF and the World Bank to help create a viable economic plan for Pakistan.

The efforts are still ongoing and it remains to be seen if Pakistan will accept India’s offer of assistance. But what is clear is that a country cannot achieve a prosperous power if its basic industry is terrorism.

Terrorism has no place in modern society and it only leads to further instability and poverty. Therefore, for a country like Pakistan to emerge from its economic woes, it needs to take decisive action and get rid of the fundamental industry of terrorism. Furthermore,

a country has to fix its economic issues through fiscal reforms and sound fiscal policy-making. It needs to embrace free market economics and develop open trade relations with countries around the world.

Also, investment needs to be directed toward developing infrastructure and creating job opportunities so people can earn a living wage and not just remain dependent on aid or donations. Only then can a country achieve a sustainable and prosperous future.

A country has to fix its economic issues

India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar made it clear that no country would ever want its neighbor to face an economic crisis, especially one so severe.

To de-escalate the situation between India and Pakistan, Mr. Jaishankar said it is in nobody’s interest is any country least of all a neighboring country gets into a severe economic crisis.

Pakistan has been facing immense economic hardships, with an almost depleted foreign exchange reserve, currency devaluation and growing debt. It has been struggling to take steps to improve its economy and stabilize its monetary system for quite some time now.

Mr. Jaishankar has raised the issue that for a country to become prosperous and be a power in the region, it needs to focus on its own economic reforms and prioritize basic industry development, rather than relying on terrorism as a form of income.

He believes that each nation must take responsibility for fixing its own economic issues so that it can help itself become more prosperous and be an effective part of the international community.

India has taken some steps towards helping Pakistan in this regard, including extending lines of credit, granting tariff concessions and allowing access to India’s power grid. This will help Pakistan to set a course for stability and foster economic growth in the long term.

Each nation needs to recognize the importance of economic development and reform. Without a strong domestic economy, a country is unable to provide basic necessities for its citizens or make global strides in various sectors.

A country needs to make sure that it is able to sustain itself financially and provide resources for its people in order to make progress in the future.

How Pakistan’s economic crisis affects India

The economic crisis in Pakistan has had a ripple effect throughout the region, including India. Since India and Pakistan share a border, India’s security and economic interests are inextricably linked with its neighbor’s.

India and Pakistan have long been in an adversarial relationship, but with Pakistan facing severe economic issues, the situation has only been exacerbated.

Pakistan’s economic issues have an immediate impact on India’s security. For instance, if Pakistan is unable to adequately address its economic woes, it will remain a weak link in the region and this could lead to increased terrorism and other security threats along the border.

Additionally, any instability in Pakistan could lead to an increase in illegal immigration, smuggling, drug trafficking and other forms of organized crime that directly affect India’s security and prosperity.

Furthermore, if Pakistan fails to fix its economic problems, it will not be able to become a prosperous power and fulfill its potential as a strong regional ally of India. This could further complicate India’s efforts to stabilize the region and promote economic development in South Asia.

India has been providing assistance to Pakistan to help alleviate its economic crisis. In 2019, India announced that it would provide a $1 billion line of credit to Pakistan in order to help boost its economy.

Additionally, India has offered technical assistance and training programs to help Pakistani businesses become more competitive and increase their access to global markets.

India is also offering trade concessions, such as duty-free access to Indian markets for Pakistani products, as well as allowing more trade between the two countries.

Overall, the economic crisis in Pakistan has significant implications for India’s security and economic interests.

India is taking steps to support Pakistan and help it become a prosperous power in the region, but Pakistan still has to take action to address its own economic issues if it is to become a strong regional ally of India.

What India is doing to help Pakistan

India has consistently taken a pragmatic approach to its relations with Pakistan, despite their often strained relationship. India has sought to engage in meaningful dialogue and foster an environment of peace, stability and prosperity for the region.

Despite the tensions between the two nations, India has sought to help Pakistan address its economic crisis. In November 2019, India offered to export power to Pakistan in order to help it deal with its energy crisis.

India also sought to provide technical assistance in the fields of health and agriculture, with the aim of improving the quality of life for Pakistanis.

India has also sought to encourage Pakistan to create an environment that is conducive to investment and economic growth.

In a recent speech, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar urged Pakistan to tackle corruption and eliminate money laundering if it wants to be a prosperous power.

He also highlighted the need for Pakistan to tackle its security concerns, as a country cannot develop economically if its basic industry is terrorism.

Ultimately, India’s goal is to have a peaceful, stable and prosperous region. The country is taking steps to help Pakistan address its economic crisis, in hopes that this will lead to increased cooperation between the two countries in the long term.

India has already shown that it is committed to helping its neighbors, and this commitment is further demonstrated by its efforts to assist Pakistan in overcoming its current economic crisis.

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