PM Modi Inaugurates Aero India 2023, Shouts-Out To Made-In-India Tejas Aircraft and INS Vikrant

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the much-anticipated Aero India 2023 event in Bengaluru, which is Asia’s largest aero show. PM Modi remarked that the event reflects India’s new strength and aspirations.

During the event, PM Modi gave a special shout-out to the made-in-India Tejas aircraft and the INS Vikrant, both of which are symbols of India’s self-reliance.

The event is sure to be an exciting and informative one, with many fascinating advancements in India’s aerospace and defense sectors being showcased.

PM’s Shout-Out To Made-In-India Tejas and INS Vikrant

Inaugurating Aero India 2023 today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a special shout-out to the Made-In-India Tejas and INS Vikrant, calling them the “runway to a billion opportunities”.

He said that these projects are a great source of pride for India and embody the nation’s progress in the aerospace sector.

Tejas is the first indigenous multi-role fighter aircraft developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). It was inducted into the Indian Air Force in July 2016 and has been used in multiple missions since then.

INS Vikrant, on the other hand, is India’s first indigenously-built aircraft carrier, commissioned in August 2020. The warship features sophisticated weapons and sensors, along with advanced air defense systems.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further remarked that Aero India reflects India’s new strength and aspirations.

The event is Asia’s largest aero show and provides an ideal platform for Indian and foreign firms to showcase their products and technologies.

With over 900 exhibitors from India and around the world, it is expected to be a milestone in the development of India’s defense industry.

Overall, PM Modi’s shout-out to Made-In-India Tejas and INS Vikrant serves as a reminder of the nation’s technological capabilities and the potential of its aerospace sector.

It is sure to generate immense enthusiasm amongst domestic and international firms and open up new avenues of collaboration. This edition of Aero India also marks the 75th year of India’s independence, with major emphasis placed on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, encouraging MSMEs to become self-reliant.

PM Narendra Modi underlined this point during his speech at the event and spoke about how this initiative will bolster job creation and economic growth.

Furthermore, during his address he also stressed upon improving the quality of life of all citizens through innovation, technology and research & development activities in the defense industry.

He said that India must have strong air power in order to sustain itself in the future and termed Aero India 2023 as ‘The runway to a billion opportunities’.

In conclusion, his speech aimed at inspiring citizens to work together towards transforming India into a globally competitive aerospace powerhouse.

Aero India reflects India’s new strength

Today marks the dawn of a new era in India’s aviation history, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Aero India 2023 in Bengaluru. This year’s aero show is Asia’s largest, and it reflects India’s new strength and aspirations.

The PM’s special shout-out to the Made-in-India Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and INS Vikrant aircraft carrier, both of which have been developed by India, shows the commitment of the government towards ‘Make In India’ and self-reliance.

It also marks the runway to a billion opportunities in the country’s aviation sector.

Aero India 2023 features many activities and events such as aerial demonstrations by various aircraft, air show with innovative air stunts, international pavilions, business meets, seminars and conferences, among others.

The event will be a major boost to India’s aviation industry, as it is expected to generate more than a thousand crores of business opportunities over the next two years.

This year’s show also symbolises India’s ambitious projects and its success in indigenously developing new technologies in the aviation sector. The Made-in-India Tejas is an example of this success and is all set to take India to greater heights.

It is also a testimony to India’s burgeoning defence capabilities and sends out a strong message to the world that India is rapidly emerging as a leader in the global aerospace industry.

It is a proud moment for India as the nation has taken great strides in the field of aviation and has achieved commendable results. We are hopeful that Aero India 2023 will be successful in paving the way for further success for India’s aerospace industry.

Narendra Modi today inaugurated Asia’s largest aero show

At the inauguration of Aero India 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the importance of the show in highlighting India’s new strength and aspirations.

He highlighted the made-in-India Tejas aircraft and INS Vikrant as examples of India’s growing prowess in the aerospace industry.

He also used the phrase “runway to a billion opportunities” to emphasize how this event will help in creating employment and investment opportunities for the country.

PM Modi said that the event is an important milestone for India’s journey towards self-reliance and becoming an integral part of the global aerospace ecosystem.

The Prime Minister also noted that many countries have come together to participate in this event, which showcases India’s increasing clout in the global arena.

Additionally, he applauded the development of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas and applauded the work done by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on it.

Furthermore, he commended the Indian Navy’s first Indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, which has been built using cutting edge technology. He said that its successful completion reflects India’s resolve to become self-reliant in defence production.

During his speech, PM Narendra Modi also launched ‘The runway to a billion opportunities’ program, which aims to promote innovation in aviation and defence sectors.

This program focuses on generating employment and investment opportunities for innovators across the country. It further seeks to create favourable conditions for startups by facilitating access to venture capital, incubation hubs and other resources.

Lastly, the Prime Minister appreciated all the efforts put into organizing such a grand spectacle at Bengaluru International Airport, including medical checkups, testing protocols, security arrangements and more.

All these efforts ensured safe participation of delegations from across the world at the Aero India 2023 event.

The runway to a billion opportunities

PM Narendra Modi’s shout-out to Made-in-India Tejas and INS Vikrant today at the inaugural of Aero India 2023 marks an exciting beginning for this Asia’s largest aero show.

The Prime Minister stressed on India’s new strength and aspirations that Aero India reflects, and the impact it can have in creating a billion opportunities for the Indian aerospace sector.

Today’s event saw the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, and other prominent figures from the Indian government and defense sector.

This year’s show features cutting-edge technologies and latest advancements in aviation, including the launch of ‘Make in India’ products. It also serves as a platform for showcasing India’s military might and trade in the global aviation arena.

Aero India has also become a key venue for showcasing India’s capability to develop advanced fighter jets and strategic systems. During the event, PM Modi said “The world has started looking towards India with confidence.

Our aerospace industry is making its mark on the global market and this exhibition is providing the necessary fillip to it.

This Aero India show is not only bridging the gap between users and manufacturers but also providing new opportunities for the private sector in defense production.”

The show will also serve as a unique platform for firms from India and abroad to participate in trade fairs, seminars and interactive sessions.

The Prime Minister announced during the event that it will help strengthen India’s defense manufacturing sector and facilitate collaborations between industry players and the global market.

He further added that this will also provide an impetus to innovation, investments, and job opportunities across the country.

Aero India 2023 provides an opportunity to the Indian aerospace industry to take flight and make an impact on the global stage.

With the government’s strong focus on ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ initiatives, there is no doubt that this event will contribute immensely to the growth of the aviation sector in India.

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