New Update Release For Dragon Ball Xenoverse – PlayStation 4

An update has been released for Dragon Ball Xenoverse that adds new content to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, including new quests and enhanced gameplay mechanics. The update will be applied automatically when you launch the game, however, you may be required to download additional updates depending on how long it’s been since you last played the game. You can manually check by accessing the main menu, going to Extras and then selecting Check For Update on your PlayStation 4.


A very popular game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse was released in 2016.

It’s an action-fighting RPG based on the popular anime and manga series, with a storyline set in 20XX. Black Desert Online is one of the most popular MMORPG games, and it’s available for all consoles including PS4.

The newest update was released today, November 10th, and we’re going to take a look at what it includes! Firstly, the latest patches included some bug fixes and improvements that will benefit you.

We fixed a problem where exchanging titles could cause players’ outfits to be improperly displayed as ?.

In addition, you can now switch more easily between filtered quests by pressing L2 or R2 on your controller while highlighting quests from your map screen or completion list.

These changes were made to make your gaming experience smoother and more pleasant! Lastly, there have been three new items added to the Pearl Shop:

Rename Ticket which allows you to change a character’s name one time; Token of Siegfried which provides additional access to dungeons; and Item Crystal: EXP Growth Speed +10% which permanently increases XP gain rate.

These are great additions that give people more ways to customize their characters! Be sure to check them out when they go live later this month.

With these updates, I am excited to see what new adventures await me!

What’s New in the Update

The Black Desert Online Update 2.55 patch is now available for download on the PS4 and contains a number of bug fixes and improvements.

The update also includes adjustments to various in-game features such as skill damage, drop rates, balancing changes, etc., as well as some new content and events.

The full details about the latest patches and bug fixes are listed below.

Here are all the details from today’s official BDO Update 2.55 PS4 patch notes: New Events: Event 1. Daily Gift (September 5th – September 18th) During event period, receive one Dandelion Weapon Box after completing any quest (daily limit).

The Dandelion Weapon Box will be sent directly to your storage and you’ll have 10 minutes to open it after receiving it before it disappears automatically.

Event 2: Groove Machine We added Groove Machine! MapleStory x Black Desert Collaboration Extravaganza (August 30th – September 18th) Participate in exciting Daily Quests between these two highly renowned games with characters from Maplestory;

defeat powerful bosses that stand in your way by participating in intense battles and defeating them! There are many other quests to experience in this collaboration too,

so check out our Facebook Page for more information. Do not forget to mention which game is your favorite while participating!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with the female NPC in Velia located near the item vendor. Fixed an issue where the guild or raid boss monster would occasionally disappear after all members of a party had logged out of the game and back in.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with certain furniture such as benches, beds, tents, etc. by using F key commands. – Fixed an issue where a wagon that is interacted with would disappear without completing its loading process when being used for freight transportation.
  • Fixed an issue where you could loot nearby objects from the ground even if your character was standing too far away from them.
  • A message will now be displayed to indicate when a player has successfully mounted a horse.
  • You can now check how many pieces of each type of equipment are currently available on the marketplace at any time by pressing .
  • The list will show you what type of equipment it is, how many pieces are available, and the cost per piece.
  • The list can also be filtered to show only items up for sale or auction (default).
  • Note: Exchange tickets cannot be purchased from this menu. You can now use the Shift+E keyboard shortcut when hovering over skills in My Skills tab > Skill Tree menu to create a new skill tree instantly.


On the PS4, the new update includes a variety of fixes to gameplay-related bugs and errors.

In addition, they’ve added an ‘Auto-run’ option that is available in Settings. You can also now change your character’s hair style and color at the barber or stylist while having a custom facial expression.

There are also various UI changes such as an updated news window, improved fishing rod animations, and better notifications for when you’re being attacked by another player.

Finally, there are various bug fixes and performance improvements with this update to combat lag issues. You can stay updated on future Black Desert Online updates by checking back regularly.

PlayStation 4 release date for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2022Below you will find information on the Black Desert Online Update 2.55, the Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Patch Notes.

PlayStation 4 is now supported by the Black Desert Online Update 2.55, which is now available on all platforms.

patch Notes

The patch is now available for all platforms, including PS4. Players can find more information on what’s included in the latest update below.

-Several new features added to Conquest War Season 3 such as Conquest War Status Window, Customized Battle Placement and other improvements to Conquest War system.

-Added an NPC that allow players to change their skills without having to go through character customization again (near Old Wisdom Tree).

-Fixed a bug where interacting with another player would cause one player’s UI to be drawn on both screens if they are close enough together.

-Improved game performance when casting consecutive magic spells or abilities. -Tweaked descriptions for some item sets that were overly long so it was hard to read them.

-Increased maximum number of slots for Purification Jar from 50 to 100.

-Fixed black screen appearing after trade pack purchase even though character wasn’t moving, only their chatbox will appear.

-Crimson Battlefield stage difficulty has been adjusted so it’s not too difficult for lower level players.

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