President of the United States 2024: Trump Tears Into Biden, Promises To ‘Fight Like No One Has Ever Fought Before’

Trump Tears Into Biden In 2024 Presidential Run — Promises To ‘Fight Like No One Has Ever Fought Before’Benzinga – Former President Donald Trump will contest the 2024 presidential election, according to a statement. What Happened: Two years ago we were a great nation, and soon we will be a great nation again, Trump said in an announcement during an appearance on the Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.


The 2020 U.S. presidential election is a mere three weeks away, and people are already starting to think about who will be running in 2024.

When Benzinga spoke with President Donald Trump on Wednesday he had plenty of thoughts on his former Vice President Joe Biden who formally announced that he would be running for president this week.

Asked what he thought about Joe Biden’s announcement and why it was good news for him, Trump replied, “He is not as tough as I am.

I’m fighting like no one has ever fought before.”. It’s going to be a knock-out blow, an unbelievable blow out.

It’ll make any other fight he’s been in look like nothing. And frankly I don’t know how long Joe Biden can take it. He doesn’t have the energy that I do.

He doesn’t have anywhere near the energy or stamina as me, but Joe Biden will go down fast because nobody fights tougher than me. He is soft and weak like a baby.

I can take Joe Biden down just by looking at him, without even having to use my hands.

He said he wants to run against me in the next presidential race. In all honesty, there isn’t much time left before then so Joe might as well start training now!

Trump’s Statement

About two years ago, America was great and soon we will be great again, says President Donald Trump.

In 2020, I won’t run for president. I will only run in 2024. We have to beat Joe Biden, continued the president, who noted that he had previously fought Joe Biden and won.

It’s going to be very tough. Joe is weak like everything else with him, said President Trump.

He doesn’t have what it takes to become president. Joe Biden was never able to take me on at my best game, which is fighting.

Joe has nothing on me when it comes to fighting. Joe should worry about his own family because they are not doing well financially and he has no business worrying about anything else because he can’t do anything about it anyway.

If Joe wants to run against me he will lose badly just like he always does.

I look forward to competing against Joe Biden in 2024 because by then we’ll have even more strength, more power and more respect as America.

Americans deserve the best leader, and I believe Joe Biden will crumble before he stands up to me. Joe Biden is so dishonest that he has turned into a joke.

Joe is someone who would turn your country into Venezuela if you let him. And Joe’s campaign slogan of a fight worth having is laughable given how much money Joe took from China while Vice-President and given how Joe still says nice things about China today.

That is why it will be such a pleasure for us to defeat Joe Biden in 2020, or 2024.

The truth is that Joe Biden is an embarrassment. Joe Biden went bankrupt four times, paid no taxes for eight years and ripped off countless American families with terrible deals where he acted as middleman between politicians and their cronies.

The media gives Joe all the attention but nobody really knows who he is anymore.

When people ask me who Joe Biden is I say: Joe Biden? Isn’t that some kind of a TV show?

I’m sure they’ll tell you in time, but right now nobody cares about Joe because everyone knows who I am and everyone loves me. Joe Biden made a lot of bad deals for our country, and he’s part of a long line of crooked Democrats who think they know best how to run this country.

Joe tried to steal credit from Obama and John Kerry; Joe pushed Obamacare; Joe tried to sell our coal mines; Joe hurt the U.S.; Joe failed horribly as VP; and lastly, Joe is too old (Joe is 73).

Everybody wants me in 2020 except the crooked Democrats who keep telling everybody what they want to hear instead of telling the truth.

Now Joe Biden is trying to get in on the action. That’s how low he’ll go. What happened? I beat Joe Biden easily before and I will beat him easily again in 2020.

In order to truly be great again, America needs a President like President Trump.

Joe Biden is a choke artist who never succeeded in the first place. Joe Biden doesn’t even have a record of success, he is an embarrassment to himself and to the Democrat party.

There is a reason why Joe Biden has fallen in every presidential election in the past 40 years, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Joe Biden should give up because I will win in 2020, and then I will win again in 2024.


In his speech Wednesday night, former President Donald Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden for his position on crime and immigration.

The Democrats want to open borders and let drugs flow in, he said. And they want to keep out American goods. Joe Biden wants to remove all trade barriers.

He wants you to buy what China makes.

The president noted that we’ve seen what this has done with companies like General Motors and Apple moving manufacturing outside the country and taking jobs with them. We are going to fight like no one has ever fought before, he promised at the end of his remarks.

Trump made sure to take shots at Joe Biden by name. You see I understand Joe very well because Joe’s not been very good over the years as an example.

He is tough on both crimes and immigration and understands that it is essential that our borders be safe, even if it means having people live in camps or being thrown out of the country who do not qualify as citizens.

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