North Korea's Goal: To Possess World's Most Powerful Nuclear Force
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During the recent launch of North Korea’s largest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), North Korea’s leader said that North Korea’s Goal: To Possess World’s Most Powerful Nuclear Force. Speaking before an audience of about 100 senior military and civilian officials, Kim Jong Un said that North Korea had demonstrated its ICBM capability and has reached the final gate of completion, according to state-run KCNA news agency.

North Korea’s ultimate goal is to possess world’s most powerful nuclear force

Expert opinions estimate North Korean missiles have the capacity to reach anywhere in the continental United States.

Kim Jong Un in his annual address to his people insisted that the North will not engage in any preemptive attack, but warned North America and South Korea that if they imagine they can do whatever they want on our territory, we will have no choice but to annihilate them.

The United States has insisted that sanctions and other diplomatic efforts are working against North Korea. For example, China agreed in February to cut coal imports from North Korea, depriving Pyongyang of a crucial source of foreign currency and pressuring it further into isolation.

But recent events suggest that strategy might not work in the long term. Kim is getting stronger, Lee Seok-ki, who runs research at South Korea’s Institute for National Security Strategy, told Bloomberg News. The international community needs to come up with more effective sanctions.

Experts also urge military action, saying You’re talking about regime change. The stakes are high because a mistake could cause one of the largest warring factions to own the most powerful nuclear force. On March 6th, 2017 North Korea launched four missiles off their coast.

It was reported that they all landed 200 km away from Japan in the Sea of Japan (the East Sea). These launches were confirmed by South Korean military officials as well as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Following these reports, U.S. President Donald Trump vowed we’ll take care of it.

He spoke during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe after the two leaders talked over the phone following these reports.

Kim Jong Un says North Korea is open to dialogue with the US

Kim Jong Un said North Korea is open to dialogue with the US. He said the whole world should positively respond to our sincere and serious efforts and he is willing to have talks with America under the right conditions.

In December, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho had stated that Pyongyang would only negotiate if the international community agrees not to impose more sanctions or pressure on it.
Kim added that dialogue must be used in all fields including politics, economy, culture and sports for improved relations.

He also praised the successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which he claimed could reach targets throughout the entire US mainland.

This showed that we are not frightened at any time anywhere, Mr. Kim told senior officials and military officers, according to state news media. The DPRK has a powerful nuclear force.

We will develop the cutting-edge military technology non-stop… so as to completely possess nuclear force we need. The sentence We will develop the cutting-edge military technology non-stop has been omitted from this sentence.

His ultimate goal is for North Korea to possess the world’s most powerful nuclear force, which is exactly why he promoted a whole lot of officers who were directly involved with the latest ICBM launch. We will develop the cutting-edge military technology non-stop so as to completely possess nuclear forces we need, he said.

The sentence We will develop the cutting-edge military technology non-stop has been omitted from this sentence.

We just need 1 or 2 final touches and we can fit any part into any place without difficulty. I have made artillery breakthroughs by reducing restrictions and am committed to developing some new types of weapons systems through deepened understanding based on our current level of research (cutting edge).

Kim quoted a famous phrase by former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin – Quantity has a quality all its own – then continued: Quality cannot be guaranteed without quantity.

US officials say North Korea must take concrete steps towards denuclearization

US officials said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un must take concrete steps toward denuclearization before talks can progress, after the summit in Hanoi between President Trump and Kim ended without an agreement.

This is the second time that Trump has met with Kim. The first meeting took place in Singapore last June.

At a news conference to wrap up the summit, Trump told reporters he believed the North Korean leader wanted to make a deal on denuclearization, but his country had tremendous economic sanctions imposed by other countries.

I really believe they want to do something, Trump said at a press conference after the Hanoi summit concluded without an agreement. He added, At some point during the negotiation looked over to me and said ‘do you have anything else?’ And I’ll tell you we didn’t have anything else… We were pretty close. Trump said.

However, there are lingering questions about what North Korea means when it says denuclearize, which could mean everything from simply disarming its nuclear arsenal to removing itself as a member of the nuclear club altogether. The ambiguity reflects different interpretations of the word.

Some argue it would be easier for Pyongyang to agree to disarm than abandoning its nuclear weapons entirely because giving them up would bring more immediate benefits – notably the lifting of tough international sanctions – than shutting down facilities and potentially reversing decades-long programs.

At their most recent summit in Vietnam, Trump asked Kim Jong-un if he was ready to dismantle all his missile sites that threaten America; however, this was not mentioned in any communiqué following their meeting.

But on Friday night at a military parade marking the 70th anniversary of founding of North Korea’s army, troops cheered for full combat readiness for dealing with U.S. imperialists amid signs showing missiles capable of reaching mainland U.S. including what appeared to be two ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) side-by-side on a truck.

In response, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said our commitment among the allies are ironclad.

US President Donald Trump ordered air strikes against targets inside Syria in retaliation for chemical weapon attacks in Eastern Ghouta that killed dozens of civilians, including children. Strikes carried out by American forces lasted nearly three hours and targeted chemical weapons research development facilities near Damascus.

A combined operation with the armed forces of France and Britain is now underway, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday morning.

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