Dwayne Johnson Simone Alexandra Johnson WWE NXT
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Ava Raine, Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, made her WWE debut this week as Dwayne Johnson’s daughter. We sat down with the 7-year-old to hear how she came up with this unique name and character, as well as when we might see Simone make her next appearance at an upcoming WWE event. Here’s what she had to say!

Dwayne Johnson Simone Alexandra Johnson WWE NXT

In a 25-episode of NXT Johnson was unmasked and announced, Meet Ava Raine. Johnson is the daughter of WWE superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who has been watching her wrestle since she was a little girl.

She made her professional wrestling debut this week on NXT and revealed her masked persona, Ava Raine. WWE has said that Simone will still be attending school like any other teenager while she competes in matches around the country.

It’s important to me as an athlete to have my academics together, to have my brain healthy, says Simone. WWE really encouraged me to keep up with what I’m doing.

This week marks the second appearance for Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, but he won’t be there to see it happen – he is currently filming for Hercules in Budapest.

He was able to watch his daughter at home for her first match via Skype and told People Magazine, She nailed it! I’m so proud of my baby girl.

I would have loved for him to be here because he really knows what it takes, says Simone. But I had my mom there – she wrestled too – so we were able to figure out some pointers before hand.

She says being trained by her father helped give her an edge over the competition, having observed all of the work he did when training for his own movie roles.

Simone is also a huge fan of Triple H and other WWE stars such as John Cena. Now it’s time for me to take this next step and show them what I’ve got! I’ve watched WWE ever since I could remember, just knowing how hard they worked, says Simone.

She also admits that being given the opportunity to enter into the business was something she dreamed about doing since she was young.

The full interview can be seen below.

In a 25-episode of NXT Johnson was unmasked and an

nounced Meet Ava Raine, which ended with Johnson revealing her new name and mask. An interview with Johnson can be seen below.

Johnson is the daughter of WWE superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who has been watching her wrestle since she was a little girl.

She made her professional wrestling debut this week on NXT and revealed her masked persona, Ava Raine. In order to maintain education outside of the ring, WWE has decided that Simone will attend college classes during the day,

then compete at events around the country in order to reach their goal of becoming champion one day. WWE wants their wrestlers healthy, said Johnson. They want them stable.

Johnson went on to say that people are often surprised by how strong women are capable of being, admitting women are pretty darn strong.
The full interview can be seen below

John Cena might have some company in his efforts to stop bullying among youth after a young athlete made her professional wrestling debut on Sunday. Wrestling fans may recognize Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Simone Alexandra as one of several new faces that was showcased for season three of NXT, reports ABC News.

25 episode of NXT jphnsonnmasked and announced

This week, Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Simone, made her debut on the show and announced her new character, Ava Raine. For those that don’t know who she is- she is the daughter of actor and wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The 25 episode of NXT has been building up to this moment with rumors swirling about who would be revealed as a special guest. When the first episode of NXT aired on Wednesday,

night there was no doubt as to who it was when Dlando announced that his daughter would be entering the ring for the first time as a professional wrestler. He then introduced Ava Raine to everyone.

Ava was originally introduced as an emcee, but in the following episode they announced that she would be wrestling instead.

Her opponents are being lined up quickly and will begin to air in January of 2020; they will also feature some surprise appearances from wrestlers like Ricochet.
It seems like we’ll be seeing more of Simone Johnson in the future because,

now she is part of a sports entertainment family dynasty which includes both her father and grandfather: Rocky Johnson, who wrestled professionally before signing on with WWF (now WWE) back in 1984.

As far as I know, this is the first time that a child of one of these high profile stars has gotten involved in professional wrestling so it should make for an interesting story line. There is no doubt that the pressure on Simone to succeed will be heavy, especially since she’s entering a family business.

If she doesn’t live up to expectations, well then people might think of her as just another spoiled celebrity kid playing around with wrestling; if she does live up to expectations,

well then people might think of her as having inherited the same talent from both sides of the family! In the most recent episode, her opponent was a male wrestler known as The Baron who came out wearing pink underwear.

Simone fought valiantly against him, even though she didn’t have much experience going into this match. But thankfully things were looking up by the end of it all and she left victorious after pinning him down at 2 minutes 45 seconds into their fight.

Since her victory against The Baron, Simone hasn’t had much luck fighting other women at first glance – she’s lost to two different ones already- but if you really look at what happened during these fights,

there is plenty for us to speculate about! First off, each time that Simone lost her opponents seemed to deliberately go easy on her or use unfair tactics that wouldn’t allow her any chance of winning. Why would they do something like that?

One theory is that there may be someone else behind the scenes orchestrating everything and trying to keep things going their way. Another theory could be that maybe Simone herself isn’t ready yet to take on someone as experienced as them. Either way, it’s obvious there’s something suspicious happening here so we’re eager to see how everything unfolds from here.

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