Drake Chose Cristiano Ronaldo Over Lionel Messi

Drake Chose Cristiano Ronaldo Over Lionel Messi. Drake, the popular Canadian rapper, has made a statement that has turned heads in the football world.

He has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, two of the greatest footballers of all time, who are currently playing for PSG and Al-Nassr respectively.

Drake’s decision is sure to cause a stir among football fans as they debate who is the greater of the two superstars. In this blog post, we will explore why Drake chose Ronaldo over Messi.

Drake chooses between PSG and Al-Nassr superstars

Yesterday (February 15), popular rapper Drake admitted that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, even though the latter has been dominating the football world in recent years.

Drake was asked by Speed who he thinks the GOAT is between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and his answer was unequivocal: “It’s Ronaldo for me.”

The Canadian artist added that although he personally chooses Ronaldo, he acknowledges that “it’s Messi’s moment right now”. This comment came after an impressive performance by the Argentinean forward against PSG in the UEFA Champions League.

Ronaldo is currently playing for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia, while Messi is still with PSG in France.

Although Messi has had a highly successful career in Europe, Drake seems to think that Ronaldo is the better player. The legendary Portuguese forward has won multiple titles throughout his long and illustrious career and is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.

However, it is clear that Drake also appreciates the incredible talent of Lionel Messi, as evidenced by his comment about “it’s Messi’s moment right now”.

In conclusion, Drake chose Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi as the GOAT, although he recognizes that the Argentine star is more popular right now. Whether or not Drake’s opinion will prove to be correct remains to be seen.

Fans around the world have their own preferences when it comes to choosing the greatest soccer players of all time. Many consider Ronaldo and Messi to be on equal footing when it comes to greatness, but only time will tell which one really stands out from the rest.

Despite his admiration for Ronaldo, Drake did acknowledge that Messi has achieved incredible success in recent times and deserves recognition for his hard work and dedication.

Speed further asked Drake what he thinks of the current situation between Ronaldo and Messi, to which the rapper replied that there is no doubt that Messi is at the peak of his powers but Ronaldo should not be overlooked either.

Ultimately, both these superstars are unparalleled in their respective fields and deserve every bit of recognition they receive from fans across the globe. No matter which side you’re on, there’s no denying that these two are two of the best soccer players to ever grace the pitch.

Drake prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi

In a recent interview with Speed, Drake was asked who he thinks the GOAT (greatest of all time) is between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Without hesitation, Drake quickly responded that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, although he did acknowledge that it’s Messi’s moment right now.

This response came as no surprise to many fans given Drake’s well-known admiration for the Portuguese footballer. On his Instagram account, Drake often posts photos and videos of himself wearing Ronaldo’s Portugal jersey or with a Portuguese flag in the background.

Furthermore, back in 2017, Drake even posted a video with Cristiano Ronaldo when they were together at an event.

In contrast, while Lionel Messi has also been linked to Drake in the past, his admiration for the Barcelona star is not nearly as prominent as his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is probably due to the fact that Ronaldo’s success has been more globally recognized and celebrated compared to Messi’s despite him being more popular in certain regions such as Spain and South America.

Overall, it appears that Drake has a clear preference for Ronaldo over Messi, but is still respectful of Messi’s undeniable greatness.

It will be interesting to see if this opinion changes in the future depending on who ends up having the most successful career.

After all, both players are already considered among the greatest ever, but their legacies can continue to be shaped as long as they keep playing.

Additionally, it would be interesting to hear what other celebrities have to say about who the GOAT is between these two stars.

Despite Speed questioning Drake about his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi, there are likely plenty of other celebrities out there with their own unique opinions.

Moreover, there could potentially be another player in the near future that could challenge these two stars for the title of the greatest ever.

Until then, however, Drake has admitted that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi and believes that his success is more widely celebrated across the world than Messi’s.

Speed questioned Drake who he thinks the GOAT is between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Yesterday, Canadian rapper Drake was asked who he thought was the GOAT between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Without hesitation, he admitted that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, citing his admiration for his talent, dedication and hard work.

Drake stated, “It’s Messi’s moment right now, but Ronaldo has been doing it for so long and so consistently. He works so hard and I can’t help but respect that. So yeah, I have to go with Ronaldo on this one.”

The rapper went on to explain why he believed Ronaldo has earned the title of the GOAT in his eyes. “Ronaldo is a man of so many accomplishments, records, and awards.

He’s also done a lot of charity work which I really admire. Plus, his style of play is really something else. His footwork and control of the ball is unparalleled.”

While Drake has made it clear who he believes the GOAT is, many people still remain divided in their opinions and it looks like there won’t be an end to the debate anytime soon!

In a separate interview, Speed again questioned Drake about his thoughts on Lionel Messi’s legacy compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s. He responded saying, “I think what Messi has accomplished over the past decade speaks for itself and I’m sure many people will agree with me there.

That being said, Ronaldo’s longevity and continued success throughout the years makes him a formidable opponent.”

He concluded by saying, “At the end of the day, they’re both amazing players and you can never take away what they’ve achieved as athletes. It just comes down to personal preference.”

It’s evident from his response that while Drake has admitted that he prefers Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, he still holds great respect for both players.

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