BMW i7 – An Electric Luxury Car That Will Turn Heads

The new BMW i7 turns heads. With sleek body lines and futuristic interior design, this electric luxury car makes you feel special from the moment you first slide in to the driver’s seat. Here are our first impressions of this all-electric masterpiece!


The all-new and all-electric BMW i7 will glide onto roads later this month, with a range of up to 300 miles and power equivalent to a Tesla Model S.

With no combustion engine or transmission, it’s one of the most luxurious EV’s on the market.

The battery has been designed specifically for this vehicle and it can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes using a new quick charge system.

This means you won’t have to go without your car for hours while you wait for it to charge.

Plus, there is no need for an alternator as the electric motor does not use friction between moving parts so there is no need for oil changes either.

The BMW i3 is economical, but the luxury EV will cost at least $144,000 (£108,000) before tax incentives and other green initiatives. It starts out around $41,700 (£30,900) after taxes and government subsidies.

The performance of the luxury EV is spectacular with its acceleration from zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds thanks to its two electric motors. It can also reach speeds of 155 mph (250 km/h).

The interior looks like something out of the future with dark wood trimming and black leather seats that seem extremely comfortable.

Everything is digitalized with iPads used for navigation and information about the car itself which are controlled by touchscreens.

It’s futuristic inside but it still feels luxurious thanks to amenities like mood lighting, sunroofs that slide open automatically as you drive under them, reclining rear seats that make you feel like your sitting on a sofa rather than a chair!

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the BMW i7 is elegant and sleek, with a high-tech appearance.

The lines flow smoothly from the front to back, with distinctive headlights and taillights that stand out on either side of the car.

The blue trim matches the blue accents on the wheels, as well as the blue details in many of the logos. There is also a retractable spoiler in the back that pops up for aerodynamic efficiency when going at higher speeds.

Though it looks like it could be some sort of engine because of its size, it is actually purely cosmetic and doesn’t have any effect on driving performance.

If you’re looking for other interesting features, there are some hidden ones too! When you open the door there’s an ambient light that comes on automatically which makes getting into the car easier (no more fumbling around in the dark!).

And if you happen to forget something inside your house when you leave, don’t worry about getting out and opening your garage again; just use your keyless start system! Pressing a button will make the doors lock, unlock, or start the car without any need to get out.

I really enjoyed using this feature while I was testing the electric BWM i7 and it made me feel safer knowing I would be able to react quickly should anything happen.

It may not seem like a big deal now but this feature can come in handy when running late or forgetting something important. I also loved how smooth the interior looked and felt.

The leather seats had a very expensive look to them, though they were very comfortable to sit on.

One of my favorite parts was actually the stitching; all of it was done by hand and each stitch looked perfect, which just showed how much attention to detail went into designing this vehicle.

The navigation system is controlled via touchscreen and takes you through every step needed so nothing feels confusing or complicated.

It even knows where you’re going based off of past destinations so all you need to do is type in where you want to go and off it goes!

Interior Design

The interior of the BMW is elegant, luxurious and spacious.

The front seats are well cushioned and the rear seat is roomy with plenty of legroom.

The dashboard has a very high-tech feel to it with its touch screen, digital instrument cluster and infotainment system which is controlled by an eight-inch touchscreen in the centre console.

There are also two large screens on either side of the speedometer for navigation and other driver-related information.

Other features include an air purifier, air conditioning and heated seats.

For drivers that want more control over the driving experience there is the drive mode selector dial on the steering wheel which can be used to switch between Eco Pro, Comfort, Sport or Sport+.

All modes offer varying levels of assistance depending on how you want to drive.

The car’s driving performance is really fun too as it glides effortlessly around bends at speeds up to 155 mph with no noise pollution whatsoever.

It does however have regenerative braking but this will take some getting used to as there is no pedal braking action like you would find in traditional cars where drivers need to press down on a brake pedal when they want their car to stop moving .

The regenerative brakes work in tandem with the accelerator meaning if you push on the accelerator your car slows down, if you let off then your car slows down even faster.

It takes a little time to get used to this but it actually feels natural after about ten minutes of practice.

You simply just need to get into the habit of applying pressure on the accelerator or steering wheel slightly before letting go so your brakes engage automatically.

Driving Experience

The i7 is a really intriguing car to drive. It’s not just because it’s electric, but because BMW has done a good job of making the technology work for you and not against you.

The acceleration is phenomenal, with all 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque available instantly on tap when you step on the pedal.

I was able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, which is impressive by any standard.

This will be a car that people will want to show off to their friends, as they’re zooming around in this futuristic luxury EV.

Charging and Range

The BMW i7 is a luxury electric car that will glide onto roads later this month.

The all-new and all-electric BMW i7 will be able to drive for 330 miles before needing a charge, which can be done in just two hours from the comfort of your home.

On the road, charging stations are available every 60 miles with BMW also providing drivers with an app that shows how far you can go from any given station.

The first thing you notice about this EV is that it looks like a regular car. From the outside, there’s nothing to indicate it has anything to do with electric vehicles.

It doesn’t have the futuristic look of other EVs on the market but rather echoes older designs such as Mercedes S-class or Jaguar XJ.

It does look good though, very elegant and sporty with its signature kidney grille shining brightly on a black background.

Sitting behind the wheel reveals what makes this car so special: it’s not showy, but incredibly intuitive to drive thanks to its lightweight construction; instant acceleration when starting off; comfortable ride; and silence while cruising at speed – there’s no engine noise whatsoever.

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